LED String Lights in Philadelphia

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LED String Lights for the Philadelphia Area

Philadelphia is a bustling metropolis with tons of tourism attracted to the city’s history and culture. Philadelphia was the original capital of the United States and home to Independence Hall and the liberty bell. Known as the city of murals, Philadelphia has wonderful public art displays and a world class art museum made famous in the movie Rocky. Center city is very cosmopolitan and home to numerous shops and restaurants with a feel very similar to neighborhoods in NYC. Philadelphia is centrally located with easy access and transportation to Washington D.C., New York, and New Jersey.

Attract attention to your shop or restaurant with outdoor string lighting perfectly suited for the vintage feel of the historic district or a sleek modern design. String lights can turn any area into a place for socializing. The best demonstration of this is the pop-up gardens set up by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and featuring Hometown Evolution lighting. PHS took abandoned lots around the city and reclaimed them as pop-up gardens serving drinks under the warm glow of string lights.

LED String Lights in Philadelphia, PA

Residential LED String Lighting

Our residential string lighting is perfect for smaller scale displays outside of homes. Turn a rarely used courtyard or sparse roof deck into an oasis in the city with ease. Exterior string lights can extend your living space and allow you to enjoy more of the evening hours outdoors. Outdoor lighting can also make a neighborhood feel safer and a well-lit path will reduce the likelihood of injuries from falls. Create the perfect atmosphere for outdoor entertaining on your porch or patio with string lights. Even a secluded garden nook transforms to outdoor paradise when decked with string lights.

Commercial LED String Lighting

Businesses all over the Philadelphia area have taken advantage of string lights to light their exterior and draw attention. A well-lit entry is a welcoming invitation for customers that makes your business memorable and your signage readable. Commercial string lights can be hung outdoors year-round and provide a cozy atmosphere for customers. In the summer lights provide an attractive way to demarcate a business and draw crowds of customers enjoying the nice weather. In spring and autumn they serve to extend the time customers spend at your business in the evening. Even in the winter string lights can help draw customers in from the cold and offer a cheery atmosphere for Christmas markets.