Custom Length White C9 Cords With 2 Foot Spacing


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Our custom length white C9 multiple socket power cord sets are the perfect way to string together our hanging paper lanterns. Our convenient lengths allow you to customize your look and add more illumination to fit your lighting needs. Order in two foot increments to get a more exact fit for your space!

This cord features two foot spacing. The 24 inch spacing is ideal for small and medium sized paper lanterns. This cord is perfect for large event halls or outdoor gatherings.  

All wiring and electrical parts are UL listed. Our cords are made of high quality 18 gauge wire that can be used indoors or outdoors. Sets can be connected back to back for long runs of lighting. Maximum total wattage cannot exceed 959 watts, or the equivalent of 137 7 Watt light bulbs.We include FREE C9 7W CLEAR bulbs with each order.