Hometown Evolution Inc.



Do you want to turn your favorite room into a paper lantern paradise? Our paper star lights are here to provide the vibe you have been searching for! They are a tasteful option as an interior decor accessory. These star lanterns are made with thick paper and punched with star cut outs that create a dazzling effect when lit. Our star lamps have been featured on TV shows, movies and at large public events. You can use your hand crafted hanging paper star lights as ultimate night lights. They are available in over 70 unique styles. The decorative and lighting possibilities are endless with these beautiful, handmade lanterns!


  • A 9-pointed solid white star with star cutouts.
  • Compatible with a variety of light sources. LED light bulbs are highly recommended.
  • Our 12 Foot Power Cords are SOLD SEPARATELY.
  • All of our paper stars are handmade in India and eco-friendly.
  • Each paper star is shipped flat with clear instructions for easy assembly.
  • The folded star expands into a 3-dimensional star approximately 2 feet from point to point.
  • Genuine Hometown Evolution product.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 12 × 0.5 in