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5 Simple Ways to Decorate with Fairy Lights

Best Fairy String Lights For Any Home

Fairy Lights can create a magical atmosphere out of the most mundane spaces. Whether you want to dress up your bedroom or add a bit more chic to a shabby chic item these enchanting LED’s are a perfect way to add a touch of sparkle and warmth to your space. These energy-efficient and low heat fairy lights can also go places your incandescent bulbs couldn’t. Here are some of the cutest and most creative uses we’ve seen for these lovely little lights.

1.Bottle Lights

Bottle lights are popping up everywhere, these adorable jars lights are an easy DIY that can really shift the mood of a space.

Because fairy lights are about the size of a grain of rice they fit easily inside wine bottles, mason jars, and terrarium domes. Use them outside to light a garden path, or as a central display indoors!

2.Illuminated Gardens

Add a magical touch to your planters whether indoors or outdoors by wrapping fairy lights around your favorite flowers. For a casual or bohemian look sprinkle the light strings in between your pots.

Highlight trees by wrapping lights around the branches to bring your topiary to life at night. Nestled among bulbs and leaves fairy lights will make your plants look as though they’ve been sprinkled with pixie dust!

3.Writing on the wall

DIY marquee lights let you say a lot with a little effort. For a rustic look leave LEDs strewn around wooden letters in a random fashion.

For a classic cosmopolitan feel outline your letters and tape or staple over the wire to hold in place. With careful placement of tacks, you can also create shapes or letters on walls!

4.Bedroom Décor

The soft glow of fairy lights make for dreamy bedroom lighting. Try coiling them around a headboard for a cozy and inviting sleeping space.

5.Art of outlining

Outlining your favorite paintings, photos, and displays in fairy lights really makes them pop with an eye-catching glow. For a beautifully simple project drape the lights over a frame.

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