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All The Stars In The Sky

Our paper stars are unique and dazzling! Perfect as a decoration or as a gorgeous glowing accent light. Let’s take a look at what makes these stars shoot to the moon! 

Our paper stars are handmade in India. They are 3 dimensional and easy to assemble. On top of that they are eco friendly! These stars make perfect gifts too! 

Our stars come in over 60 different styles. Everything from solid colors to remarkable patterns! Some of the stars even have tissue paper backing so you’re given an almost stained glass window look! We offer 5 pointed, 7 pointed, and 9 pointed stars. Variety comes in many different styles! 

We also offer cords for your setup needs! Our 12 foot cord with on/off switch makes the process easy. Hanging them is a breeze while also giving you the flexibility to relocate your star when the mood strikes! 

Uses for these stars are endless. Put a cluster of them in the corner of your living room and enjoy the sparkle. String them along your fence for a summer bbq party! Consider putting one in your window and enjoy feeling like you have just pulled your own star from the night sky!