1. LED Color-Changing Bulbs

Our LED Color Changing Bulb features 16 vibrant colors perfect for an eye catching accent light. You can set to hold one color or cycle between all colors with four different speed modes- flash, strobe, fade, and smooth.

The remote control, color-changing LED bulb is becoming one of the hottest products out there! It is effortless to adjust settings with the included wireless remote control and change color, speed, or brightness. Our Color Changing LED bulb is dimmable, energy efficient, and fits standard E27 household fixtures. Ideal for use in lamps, pendant lights, sconces, ceiling fixtures, their flexibility makes Color Changing LED Bulbs the perfect product to fit the mood and style. Pair with our paper star lights,paper lanterns, or glass stars for a dazzling display.

2. Glass Star Lights

Glass stars are available in a rainbow of colors and sizes to coordinate with your decor.

Moravian style star lamps have been a staple of the Hometown Evolution family of products since the beginning. The iconic shape and style of the Moravian star lamp is an instantly recognizable interior design staple. Originally the Moravian star was a charming old world holiday tradition.

3. Tin Star Lights

Handcrafted in Mexico by our master tin smiths.

4. Antique-Style Edison Bulbs

Pictured are ST64 Lantern Filament Edison bulbs.

Hometown Evolution is proud to be on the cutting-edge of lighting technology. The popularity of antique style light bulbs has soared in the past few years! We have these beautiful bulbs with their distinctive filaments available for our string lights and for any household lamp.


5. Paper Star Lanterns

Last but not least we would like to introduce you to our Paper Star Lanterns. They have been a Hometown Evolution product from our humble beginnings and grow in popularity. Light them up with our 12 Foot Power Cords or hang them anywhere and light them wirelessly with our LED Cube Lights!

We hope that this blog post can inspire you to take your indoor spaces to the next level. Do you have any suggestions for us? We would love to hear your input. Contact Us and let your voice be heard!