Our paper stars are unique and dazzling! Perfect as a decoration or as a gorgeous glowing accent light. Let’s take a look at what makes these stars shoot to the moon!    Our paper stars are handmade in India. They are 3 dimensional and easy to assemble. On top of that they are eco friendly! These stars make perfect gifts too!  Our stars come in over 60 different styles. Everything from solid colors to remarkable
Come on in. Sit down. Let’s have a chat about Fairy Lights! Inspiring and magical, we are going to break down what makes these lights a perfect choice for all your beautiful ideas! Offering you just the right touch for every space, our 6 foot LED fairy string lights will give you all the cozy feels! These cute lights are a completely safe, low energy, and affordable lighting option. Place them inside of a mason
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New Year, new you! What a great time to use your resolutions to let your creative juices flow! Need to spruce up a room in the house? Want to figure out what to do with items you have around the house that could use a quick facelift? Look no further than a set of vintage looking Edison bulbs or a sparkly string of gold mercury lights to give yourself the gold treatment you deserve! Craving
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December 16, 2021

Holiday Cheer!

String lights have quickly become a versatile chameleon in the decorating game! Their ability to be wrapped, hung, draped, stuffed, and twisted to make your decorating dreams come true really has solidified their tried and true value! The holiday season gives everyone extra ideas and our string lights can help fuel your wildest DIY dreams! Here are a few ideas for you! Fairy Lights  A soft glow gives lanterns, glass vases and Mason jars an
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Shine Bright with Star Lights Paper Star Lanterns   The unique way in which these paper star lights illuminate your space is as beautiful as the paper star lights themselves. For indoor parties, you can hang them from your living room ceiling to admire the way the small beams of light reflect on the surrounding walls. For outdoor parties, you can suspend these paper star lamps from your outdoor dining area or fence post to
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