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Bohemian Style & How To Get It

How To Create The Bohemian Style Outside With String Lights

Hometown Evolution products are amazingly versatile, from using our patio string lights to illuminate your rustic wedding, or transforming your dorm room using our paper star lights, you can create a Pinterest ready look without even using a filter. But one of my favorite looks for our products is when they are paired with bohemian style.

When transforming your space from hobo to boho you need to be equipped with creativity, as in, have Pinterest and/or My Bohemian Treehouse up and ready to go. First step: acquire globe string lights. Then throw in a rattan chair, colorful throw pillows, a few motivational posters of Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella, and you’ve got yourself bohemian heaven.

To take the look even further, add incense our punched tin star lights so your guests will literally have no choice but to Instagram the inside of your home. These handmade tin star lights/bohemian lanterns can add the unique wow factor that goes into the bohemian look. 

The best part of our globe string lights? You can take them outside so that your bougie style isn’t constrained to the indoors. This tree house pulls off our patio string lights so well I’d move there in a heartbeat [if it had a WiFi connection.] 

But you don’t need to have a fantasy tree house for our patio string lights to create a magical space, add bohemian lighting to your backyard or porch so your nighttime shenanigans have the perfect ambiance. Your outdoor hang out session need not be moved inside when the sun goes down, add our patio globe string lights to keep the party going all night long. 

If you’re working with a smaller space like a dorm room or bedroom, our handmade paper star lights will give your room the pop of color that every bohemian space needs. These paper stars are perfect for people on a budget, you can get a set for just $12.90. 

Mini string lanterns also create the bohemian effect. I can picture myself spending way too much time journaling my feelings or daydreaming about Beyoncé in this reading nook. The products pictured here are our rainbow mini string lanterns (just $12.95!). Our products disprove the fact that you need to spend your arm and leg to acquire bohemian chic style. 

So if you want to create beautiful bohemian lighting, using our products will help you achieve the desired effect. Check out some of our other blogs for more inspiration.