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Creating Your Own Outdoor Lighting Spaces

Garden Outdoor Lighting

There is nothing we enjoy more than spending summer evenings outdoors here in southeastern Pennsylvania. You don’t have to bring your party indoors when it gets dark if you have the best outdoor lighting products! Our Patio String Light Sets are available in a wide variety of styles and lengths. We are excited to share some lighting ideas and help provide some tips to help you install your party lighting. Whether your summer event or get-together is a cookout, a pool party or an outdoor concert; Hometown Evolution has the top-quality outdoor light for you. Our website can inspire your lighting design process and regardless of the space you have available we can help create the ambiance and style of your dreams. Outdoor dining spaces are all the rage at restaurants and cafes around the country this time of the year. You can match the aesthetic of your favorite restaurant patio with our products!

Choosing Your Lighting Products

You might be asking yourself; Where do I start? We carry so many unique light bulbs that we have broken our sets of lights into sub-categories. Our LED Patio String Lights are the most energy-efficient and long-lasting sets of outdoor lights. If you are in need of a product that is low-maintenance and low energy usage, they are worth the extra initial investment. All of our other string light sets are among the cheapest patio lights on the market.

The advantage to our remaining sets of lights are variety and price. We carry Antique Style Patio Lights with traditional Edison light bulbs that have hand-threaded filaments inside much like the light bulbs of the early twentieth century. They produce a very soft, understated glow that is easy on the eyes and a head-turner. They are great conversation-starters, too!

Our Commercial Grade Outdoor String Light Sets are the most heavy-duty lighting sets on the market today. You have your choice of standard, clear light bulbs, Edison bulbs or LED light bulbs in C9/E17 base size or E26 base size. They are our top recommendation if you are looking for a product you can permanently install and rely on. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery and if you want your patio to look like your favorite outdoor restaurant space you can look no further!


Outdoor string lights are a breeze to install! Our standard, C7 or E12 base strings (also available in larger, C9 or E17 base) have a plastic hook molded on to the backside of each individual socket. They are perfect for a fence, a gutter or attached to the inside of an awning. Our passion is developing products that are as useful as they are beautiful. The variety of unique lights available on our website is what gives us our edge. We even have similar string light sets that are fully solar powered!

Our Solar Globe String Light Sets are the solution for you if you are looking for lighting with as little fuss as possible. These sets will power themselves every night as long as they are exposed to a few hours of solid sunlight every day. Take them with you on your road trip, attach them to your favorite tree or bring them along to an outdoor event where electric outlets are unreachable. It is amazing to offer such a high quality set of patio globe lights that are powered by a sunny afternoon.

Our commercial outdoor string light sets have loopholes on the backs or sides of individual sockets that can be attached to hooks, screws, nails or a tension wire can be run through them to keep the lights flush and aligned in the air. This will also prevent wear on the lighting itself from heavy storms and forceful winds. We have the lighting solution for your space, big or small. Perimeter lighting is easily achievable with a few measurements and any of our string light sets. We are no expert handymen, but we would like to share some very informative posts from other blogs that could be helpful for you if you have ambitious ideas for your back yard, front porch, outdoor seating space for your restaurant and so much more.


Inspiration from the Web

I Should Be Mopping the Floor provides this in-depth fire pit patio area walkthrough. A few strategically placed sets of outdoor lights will be the cherry on top of a unique and stylish outdoor space.

The Bright July blog provides this great article with a step-by-step demonstration of how to create poles to support a permanent string light installation for your favorite outdoor space.

Bob Vila  provides a wonderful variety of ideas for your backyard. Patio lights can make your picnic table shine! They can make your front door more welcoming than ever before. They can light the area surrounding your pool to provide a little extra style and light to your guests after the sun sets. We encourage our clients and customers to express themselves with their lighting.

Would you like to share your own set-up with us? We love seeing the fruits of our customers creativity with their patio lights. Our Customer Photos gallery might have some examples of what you want for a space of your own. If you snap photos of your own results and you would like to share your beautiful lights with the world, we encourage you to send them our way. We would love to feature them on our website.