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Decorate Your Life with Paper Star Lights

Paper Star Lights For Any Environment

Hang out under the stars with our hanging paper star lights. They offer the perfect addition to your bedroom or dorm, and they pair perfectly with the budget of a college student. Starting as low as $12.90 for our paper star light set, you’ll transform your room into the hang out den that all of your friends will enjoy.

These hanging paper star lights work amazingly as night lights for your kids or as the light source for when you stumble back into your dorm after rush week. We’re always adding new styles so regardless of the look you’re going for we have an option for you. For the minimalists, I’d suggest any of our solid colored stars, like White Serenity. Add a cluster of them in a corner so the starry cutouts reflect against the wall. For a pop of color, our Lavender Obsession paper star light or Mosaic paper star light add eye-catching color. The tissue paper cutouts create a stained glass effect on
our wall.

One of the best things about our paper stars is that you do not need to turn them into a light, that’s why the power cord is sold separately. This means you can get even more creative with your paper star. You can rest them on the floor along the perimeter of a room, or tie them around an existing cord for a starry effect. The DIYer in you can come up with a ton of different paper star light ideas – your imagination need not feel restricted! 

With spring officially sprung our array of colorful paper star lights will match the beautiful florals outside. With hues to match any mood, you could order a few different paper star lights and switch them out based on whatever look you’re going for that day. You may enjoy the calming effects of our Caribbean Teal paper star lightone day and on another day enjoy our swirly 9-pointed Surya paper star light which offers something a little more funky. 


In a time crunch to find the perfect gift? Our paper star lights are a great present for any occasion, and we ship orders out same or next day so you’ll have your gift in time for giving.

Are you a retailer? Our paper star lights are perfect for your store, call in to inquire about our wholesale pricing.