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Dining Outdoors Under String Lights

Outdoor Lighting for Restaurants

Treating your guests to a comfortable outdoor space can help you make the most out of your get-together. Keeping your area well-lit in the evening can turn your backyard into the ideal summer hot-spot for refreshments and games. A floodlight can only do so much. That is where we come in! We have a wide variety of products that will make your space functional as well as beautiful and bright.

A captivating lighting set-up can make all the difference at your outdoor dinner. Your guests will be comfortable under string lights. If brightness is a factor in the setup you have in mind, we recommend our 500 Watt Dimmers for dialing in the perfect amount of glow! White Pearl light bulbs or Colored Light bulbs are always a wonderful choice as well.

Light bulbs and strings aren’t all we have to offer! Your outdoor space is in need of an overhaul and just the right lighting products for you can be found in our diverse selection. Be sure to check out our Paper Lanterns and Mini Party Lantern sets! They can be lit wirelessly and they can also be clipped to your string light sets in the air. We even have Nylon lanterns available if you’d like to keep them outside in any weather conditions!

We hope that this blog post was helpful for you in your pursuit of the perfect lighting setup for your outdoor gathering. Here at Hometown Evolution, our passion is helping to arrange a magical lighting setup for any outdoor space. If you have any specific questions we are in the office every day and we are ready to help! We want to thank you for reading and we urge you to stay tuned for our next blog post!