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Dorm Room Decor

Best Dorm Room Decor Ideas

Here at Hometown Evolution we provide a catalog of lighting products so diverse and with so much variety that we truly have something for everyone. We offer a number of affordable ways for our college student friends to illuminate their space. If you are looking to add some color and light to your dorm room décor, you’ve come to the right place!

By now, most of our academic friends are moved into their student living quarters for the fall semester. If you are a student who is searching for an inexpensive way to improve your drab living quarters, look no further. Try the classic string lights pictured above to brighten your days. Fluorescent ceiling lights giving you the blues? Warm, colorful lighting is just a few clicks away!

LED Fairy Lights are a great low cost option for any space. Below, fairy lights draped over a bed create the perfect atmosphere for a dreamy night’s sleep. Available in a rainbow of colors for as low as $3.99, mix and match to add personality and color to any environment!

Another one of our favorite fairy light uses is to highlight keepsakes. Keep your favorite memories close to heart even when you’re far from home by creating a fairy light picture wall!

Lighting is an often overlooked interior design element. The right color and quality of lighting can make a dorm room feel more like home. Our string lights and Paper lanterns are a great choice for sprucing up your new living space. 

If white walls have got you down try our G50 Assorted Satin light bulbs to add a splash of color to your space. Pair with a 25 Foot Light String to give your dorm room a colorful moody atmosphere. 

Paper star lights (pictured above) are a unique accent for drab dorm rooms. Paper lanterns are another great way to brighten up a boring bedroom and are available in a variety of colors. Reduce cords and clutter by lighting your lanterns wirelessly with one of our battery-powered LED Cube lights. 

Hometown Evolution is your one-stop shop for brilliant bedroom lighting that won’t break the bank! We would like to offer a discount code for our (temporarily!) economically-challenged student customers. When you reach the “Your Cart” page, enter the discount code: TUITION16 for a student discount. We want to thank everyone for reading! Stay tuned for our next blog!