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Exciting things are in the air!

Warm weather is finally upon us! With that comes so many exciting events just around the corner this spring and summer. Do you want to know one of our favorites? Why, it’s wedding season, of course!

No matter the indoor or outdoor setting you have been dreaming of, we have the wedding lighting you are looking for! We daydream about floral garden weddings! We also adore rustic barns for your special day! No matter the look you want, our lighting will help you reach that ideal image!

The most popular lighting for weddings are string lights. Some people call them bistro lights, cafe lights, or twinkle lights. These are the most versatile and cost-effective way to light any space! It doesn’t matter if you are having an indoor or outdoor wedding, there are string lights for every type of look! Are you having an outdoor wedding and then having your reception under a large white tent? Be sure to check out white string lights! How about a rustic barn wedding? The black cords would look so perfect in that setting! Clear, white pearl, and gold bulbs are the most popular bulb choices for your special day.

Who doesn’t love a good centerpiece! Be sure to check out our gorgeous fairy lights. When you put these into a small glass vase, or wrap them around wooden centerpieces with twine, they create the ultimate ambience! Outdoor wedding? Be sure to check out solar fairy lights!

Don’t fret. Fairy lights come in all colors. Your reception space can be set up to your dream specifications. Color themes are of course all the rage for weddings! We offer every color of the rainbow!

For all of our boho chicks out there, we offer paper lanterns to make your mark! Just picture it… twinkling lights for the perfect mood lighting, your favorite flowers, and gorgeous large paper lanterns floating through your reception space. It’s rather romantic!

No matter your budget your special event lighting can be obtained! Be sure to check out all we offer for your lighting desires!