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Fairy lights for all!

Come on in. Sit down. Let’s have a chat about Fairy Lights! Inspiring and magical, we are going to break down what makes these lights a perfect choice for all your beautiful ideas!

Offering you just the right touch for every space, our 6 foot LED fairy string lights will give you all the cozy feels! These cute lights are a completely safe, low energy, and affordable lighting option. Place them inside of a mason jar to light pathways outside during garden parties or outline your favorite pictures and bookshelves! 

If you are looking to decorate larger spaces then take a peek at our 16.5 foot, 33 foot  strings, or our fairy light wall curtain! Ideal for selfie photo walls, wedding receptions, or for any teenager’s bedroom wall! Cover your back patio and let the parties begin!

Don’t fret. Fairy lights come in every color of the rainbow. We even offer fairy lights that change color with remotes so you are in control from anywhere in the room! This way you won’t have to choose just one! 

We know you don’t need another reason to fall in love with fairy lights… But we are going to do it anyway! Aside from battery and plug in options we also offer solar powered fairy lights. The perfect idea for those who love going green! All of these options are such a great reason why these lights are super