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Finding the Perfect Lighting for Your Home

Perfect Home Lighting Options

Lighting is a very important element of a home that can often be overlooked when designing and decorating your space. Even if you live in Florida, with an abundance of sun, having the right lights can still be critical to the look and convenience of your home. There are many different styles, designs, and types of lighting that finding the best lighting for your home can sometimes be overwhelming. That is why we asked experts in the field to share their tips about lighting your home the right way.

Create layers of light

The best way to illuminate your home the right way is to create Layers of Light. This includes General Lighting, Task Lighting, and Ambient Lighting. Although general lighting is your powerhouse for illuminating your home, task lighting, like pendants & sconces will give you direct lighting for applications such as chopping vegetables or applying makeup. Ambient lighting can be achieved with lamps or simply by adding dimmers to your general lighting, creating a softer glow for winding down and relaxing. –Celeste Jackson, Celeste Jackson Interiors

Analyze your space

Observe the surroundings of your home to understand which areas should be enhanced through focal brightness, where ambient lighting is required, and where the play of brilliance may occur. Your space should be analyzed in all directions before you begin planning your lighting. –Magda Colodetti, EOS Lighting 

Don’t ignore under-lighting

Under-lighting is just as vital as chandeliers or pendants in your home. Powder rooms are a great place for underlighting, whether beneath a floating vanity or under a quartzite countertop. The lighting creates a special effect in the evening that will have your guests raving. –Michelle Rohrer-Lauer, Michelle’s Interiors

Understand lighting trends

If you understand the latest lighting trends, your knowledge can help you narrow your choices to select a light that is on-trend and under budget. In today’s interior design, matte black, nickel and mixed metal options are the three most popular finish trends. –Lighting Connection

Plan ahead

Always start with a plan – a furniture plan! This will help you to determine where to position your task lighting, such as reading lamps or kitchen spotlights, and where you’ll need more general, ambient lighting. Don’t be afraid to play with the shadows either. Highlighting interesting architecture or artwork draws the eye and contrasts against the darker areas of your room. –Darklight Design

Layering and aesthetic are key

It is important to not only find a fixture that suits your space but also ensure you are providing the space with proper illumination for every function. As much as lighting trends and technology have changed, there is not just one fixture that can provide enough light for a multi-function space. That is why it is invaluable to consult a lighting designer when replacing your fixtures; they can help you find the perfect aesthetic, and make sure you have the right fixtures to suit the purpose and look of your home. –Charleston Lighting and Interiors 

Be careful with recessed lighting

Never use recessed lighting in a manner that makes your space look like an office. Recessed lighting fixtures should be placed in a manner so each one has a specific function. –Total Lighting Supply 

Don’t Skimp on Lighting

Lighting is the jewelry of your home. Many people forget to include it in their budget and often end up regretting it later. Lighting can either make or break the overall design of your space. Proper lighting can enhance many aspects of your home. –Lighting Design

Light your home with LEDs

The smartest way to light your home is with LEDs and intuitive controls. LEDs are better than ever, and when combined with lighting controls that account for daylight or times of vacancy, the combination generates huge energy savings. Gone are the days of flicking a switch, the future of lighting lies in highly-efficient LEDs that can be controlled through an app, allowing individual control over light levels, color temperature, and scheduling. –Michael Hennessy,  Wavelength LED

Light your walls

Whenever adding lighting to a home, it’s important to try lighting up the walls of the space your in. Instead of having dark lit walls which can make a room look small, having lamps near walls or lighting directed towards walls will make your space look much bigger and more pleasant. –Brightech 

Don’t forget outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lights should do more than simply illuminate the path to your door. String lights are a great way to highlight a focal point and transform an otherwise unused area into an outdoor living space.  –Hometown Evolution Inc

Originally Published on Redfin