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Five Ways to use LED Fairy Lights Outdoors

Best LED Fairy Lights

The great outdoors and our LED Fairy Light sets are a match made in heaven! We have them available in waterproof battery-powered versions. These battery-powered sets are the perfect colorful lighting solution for those hard-to-reach spaces! They will also keep your space free of unsightly wires. The possibilities are endless! Here are a few examples of creative and fun ways to use Fairy Lights.

1. LED Fairy Lights for Outdoor Gardens

Foliage Plus Fairy Lights- Hedges, bushes, trees and gardens are all just waiting to be adorned with colorful lighting! Imagine your guest’s surprise when they arrive to your magically glowing garden. The source of your mysterious lighting can be our secret!

2. LED Fairy Lights for Outdoor Fir Pits

Fairy Light Fire Pit- Add extra emphasis to your outdoor fire-pit or chiminea space! You can line your walk-way, enclose your seating area or even create a child-safe bonfire with your sets of fairy lights.

3. LED Fairy Lights for Outdoor Hammocks

Hammock State of Mind- Surround your outdoor hammock space with warm colored fairy lights. Red, Yellow, Orange and Warm White will together provide your relaxing outdoor spot with surreal and romantic light.

4. LED Fairy Lights for Outdoor Dinner Tables

Outdoor Centerpieces- Get creative with your outdoor dinner table! You can keep your eating surface well-lit and make it colorful at the same time. Filling a mason jar with fairy lights has always been one of our favorite ideas. Wine bottles can be re-purposed as well for a stylish touch. You can create a colorful custom light for every seat at the table!

5. LED Fairy Lights for Outdoor Flowers

Flexible Fairy Lights- Create your own garden of fairy light flowers! The copper wire can be bent and molded into any shape you can imagine, or twisted around any object. You can use your imagination on this one. Battery-powered sets make it easy to put your creation in a hard-to reach space.

We hope that these ideas inspire you as much as they inspire us! With spring in the air it is the right time to get creative with your outdoor lighting. As affordable as our Fairy Light sets are, you can combine several sets of different colors without breaking the bank! If you have any questions or any suggestions for our next blog, please feel free to Contact Us.