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Globe String Lights on the Big Screen

Outdoor Globe String Lights

The Netflix Gods are very generous – they release entire seasons of their shows because they know that binge eating watching is a hard and true hobby especially during these winter months. After the release of House of Cards last week, I’ve had trouble focusing on anything besides Frank and Claire and their ruthless charades. And nothing gives me more joy than when globe string lights make appearances on my favorite shows or movies. Globe string lights most recent cameo in House of Cards featured our A15 light bulbs and commercial grade string lights. These patio string lights were hung throughout the tent similar to a wedding string lights set up. Our indoor and outdoor commercial string lighting will lighten up any event, even in a dark, sinister show like House of Cards.

After reflecting on the cameo of our clear globe string lights, I realized they make appearances on screen all the time. Another favorite drama – Breaking Bad – featured our globe string lights in many restaurant scenes. Here’s the whole gang looking tense with our some of our assorted color globe string lights. Poor Hank :(. 

Even Academy Award winning films can’t refuse the appeal of our lighting, Birdman used our globe string lights in this scene, using our assorted colored C9 Christmas bulbs.

Remember Big Fish? This scene used our G50 clear globe string lights at an outdoor festival. The unique lighting captures the essence of what the scene is trying to evoke. 

Have you spotted our clear globe string lights on the big screen?
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