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Handcrafted Star Lamps for Your Favorite Spaces

What could be a better use of your imagination than your interior design as summer turns to autumn? We are best known for our myriad of lighting products designed specifically for outdoor use, but Hometown Evolution offers beautiful products for indoor spaces, too! We have imported our gorgeous, handcrafted lamps and lanterns for over fifteen years. If you are looking for a light source that will spice up your kitchen island, provide warmth to your family room or turn heads on your dancefloor, you have come to the right place!

The best handmade lamps are made in Mexico and our relationship of over fifteen years with our tinsmiths has allowed us to provide these unique products. Ever since we first started carrying these gorgeous lamps they have been popular. Like the entire catalog here on our website, we have plenty of variety available, too! You must have found our blog post because you’re searching the web for a unique lamp. This is exactly what we are here for.

Glass Star Lights are available in three different sizes and in three different finishes. They are available with clear glass panes, frosted white glass or an antique mirror finished glass. They accept up to a 100 watt light bulb so any light source you can imagine is compatible inside. We have plenty of Edison Light Bulbs that look beautiful inside of them, especially the clear glass! We also have our traditional Diamente Glass Pendant and our Flecha Glass Pendant Lamp to add to the variety we provide. Hand-crafted glass lamps are aesthetically pleasing lighting sources no matter which size and style you choose!

Our Tin Star Lamps have been our most popular products since our business’ humble beginnings. We carry them in star cutout and flower cutout styles that produce dazzling lighting effects, especially with a bright light bulb like the 60 watt bulb that is included. They are also available with multiple colored marbles mounted in the tin. They produce a traditional lighting atmosphere but they are so eye-catching that they have become a go-to for restaurants and other congregation spaces.

Last but not least are our Paper Star Lanterns. They are handmade in India with the highest quality inks, dyes and paper. We have them available in over seventy different styles and sizes. You can make your dorm room comforting and homey with paper star lights. They make gorgeous night lights for little ones’ bedrooms, too. You can fill the ceiling of your dancefloor with them to create a mesmerizing environment. The party guests will not know what hit them!

The quality of our products and our service is the most important thing to us as lighting purveyors. We believe these to be the keys to our success. Providing these wonderful lighting ideas is our passion. We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments. We are looking forward to providing more of the best lighting products available in the days ahead.