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LED Bistro String Lights – Reuse, Recycle, Repeat.

Best LED Bistro String Lights

At Hometown Evolution, we like to be environmentally conscious. So if you’re looking for something more eco-friendly than our regular globe string lights, our LED globe bulbs and LED string lighting are the right choice for you.

Our LED bistro string light bulbs use 12-18 times less energy than our other bulbs. Each of our regular G50 light bulbs are 7 Watts, these G50 LED globe bulbs are either .4 Watts or .6 Watts, but they’ll produce the exact same amount of light.

It gets better.

Not only will these LED globe string light bulbs use substantially less energy, these bistro string lights will last over 40,000 hours – that’s 15 times longer than our other light bulbs. So instead of replacing your patio light bulbs every couple of seasons, get the light bulbs that will last a lifetime. Literally.

If that doesn’t convince you…these globe lights produce no heat and are completely shock resistant.

Our globe string lights are perfect for a wedding, and when your Big Day is over, you can rehang the string lights up on your patio. Reuse, recycle, repeat.

If you decide the Bistro LED string lighting is the way to go, make sure you pair your lighting with the C9 base stringers so that the base sizes match.