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Looking to Light Up Your Business?

String Lights For Any Business

These light strings, reminiscent of the street lights from a by-gone era, are sophisticated and stylish. They will successfully illuminate your favorite area and leave an impression on your guests. We designed these E-26 style commercial light strings to include a 3 inch suspender to accentuate the bulb’s individual light and to add a vintage mood. These light strings are elegant and brilliant paired with our S-14 or A-15 light bulbs. Just like all of our light strings, if one bulb burns out everything else stays lit! Imagine lining the front of your restaurant with these light strings and how your public will react to your new, attractive light source!

Individually suspended light bulbs are back in style! Here at Hometown Evolution, Inc. we are dedicated to creating cutting-edge products that impress the guests at your event, attract new customers to your place of business or even make your dorm room or apartment feel that much more like your cozy home. We encourage growing businesses and new kids on the block to try our commercial light strings. If you want your building to be the brightest on your block, these are the string lights for you!

If you have any questions about our E-26 Commercial Light Strings or any of our other products drop us a line at info@hometownevolutioninc.com or feel
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