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Mexican Tin Star Lights

Mexican Tin Star Lights For Outdoors

You will be sure to love the beautiful effect that these handcrafted tin star lights offer. Perfect to hang from the porch, you’ll light up your house with these illuminating stars. They come in a variety of sizes and styles. Some are flower cut, while others have marbles that add color when the light shines through the beautiful punch cut pattern. Each tin star light is unique and will provide a beautiful lighting choice for your special occasion. These Mexican tin star lights will ensure that the beauty of your celebration reflects the importance of your special day.

Our Tin Stars Are All:

  • Hand Crafted in Mexico
  • Pre-Wired for an Easy Set Up
  • Heavy Duty UL Porcelain Sockets
  • Hinged for Easy Bulb Replacement
  • Variety of Sizes & Styles

If you are looking to use unique lighting to make an impact at your next party then be sure to check out all of our beautifully handcrafted tin star lights. Not only will they provide the perfect ambiance for your event, they will also be the talk of your guests for a long time. Our hinged opening allows you to easily change the light bulb. You can even customize the color of the bulb to create the perfect lighting effect each and every time. Enjoy these beautiful lights for years to come.