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New Commercial Grade String Lights

Commercial String Lights For Outdoors

You’ve seen the lighting along the perimeter of your favorite store or coffee shop. You want it, we have it.

Commercial Light Strings are the perfect choice for permanent applications on restaurants, building outlines, parks, and patio lighting. Aside from making the overall environment visually captivating, commercial grade string lights are a great way to allure your customers into visiting your place of business repeatedly. Proper lighting plays a great role in the overall success of any business.

There are a number of varieties of commercial light strings to consider when purchasing globe string lights for your business. You can use commercial string lights specifically designed for businesses and large scale events like weddings and meetings. Commercial string lights are also perfect for creating that European café string light look you see at bars, cafes and restaurants that have outdoor seating. There is an abundance of high-end commercial string lighting that is available for you to use. Check out our string lights page for all of the options! And as always, please call in with any questions.