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New Year, New Evolution at Hometown!

Find The Perfect Outdoor String Lights

Our new Edison light bulbs are designed to reproduce a nostalgic aesthetic. These bulbs feature a glowing carbon filament that is sure
to turn heads. Our G50 SPIRAL EDISON C9 Base Light Bulbs feature our classic G50 globe shape now with a spiral filament. Our T25 TUBE EDISON C9 Base Light Bulbs are a completely new elongated style. Our G60 LANTERN EDISON C9 Base Light Bulbs are a new and larger incandescent globe. Additionally, we now offer ST40 LANTERN EDISON C9 Base Light Bulbs and the striking S14 ZIG ZAG EDISON C9 Base Light Bulbs.


There are other new options for a C9 base we now offer as well! If you are interested in a traditional incandescent light bulb with an unorthodox and interesting shape we have two new bulb styles just for you. Our ST40 C9 Base Light Bulbs and PS50 C9 Base Light Bulbs are brand new designs that we simply cannot get enough of!


Finally, we have also developed one more new light bulb. If you have been searching for stylish new bulbs for your C7 base light strings or light fixtures we have a new option for you! ST11 C7 BASE LIGHT BULBS are here and they’re certainly bright as can be. These light bulbs are 3 inches tall and offer a sophisticated light for anyone working with a not-so-sophisticated budget.


We have always admired the historic look of Edison-style light bulbs. This new look was a natural progression for us given our love for the simple beauty that our light strings can create. If you have any questions about our new products we are always happy to discuss it with you! We’re just a phone call or e-mail away!