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Paper Lanterns for your Party!

Best Paper Lantern Lights

Our round paper lanterns are not just for weddings! We have them available in several sizes and in a wide variety of colors.

Imagine your back yard adorned with paper lanterns in every color under the sun! We even have them available in a nylon version for a permanent outdoor display that will survive the rain!

Though it is finally spring and we are ecstatic to spend time celebrating outdoors, these lanterns can also transform your indoor spaceWhether you’re livening up a ballroom or a dorm room, our round paper lanterns are a wonderful choice. Not only are they virtually weightless, easy to set up and endlessly reusable; they are also affordable on any budget!

The excitement of planning a party or event can often be offset by the stresses of staying within your budget. Our paper lanterns are as inexpensive as $1.49, and only $6.49 at their largest sizes. With a decorating budget as low as fifty dollars you could decide on twenty or more of our lanterns (in whatever colors you prefer) and still have enough money left over to invest in a light source for your lanterns!

Our LED cube lights are only $3.99 each and wirelessly produce as much light as a 40 watt light bulb. They also last for at least 12 hours of continuous use. We also have submersible LED battery lights and multiple socket C9 cords to keep your lanterns burning bright! If you’re interested in a string of paper lanterns with a light source but you’re in the market for something smaller, our mini string lantern sets are another fine choice. Setting the mood with Hometown Evolution products has never been more affordable and more colorful!