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Pool Party Lights

Pool Enclosure String Lights

Summer is finally here and we are ready to celebrate! There is no better way to enjoy a hot summer day than relaxing by the pool. Turn your
pool into the place to be this summer by adding some gorgeous string lights! There are a ton of great lighting options to choose from, here are some of our favorites.

Classic Market Lights never go out of style and add elegance to any outdoor space. Whether you are working with a Tuscan-inspired or traditional style patio, you can’t go wrong with these beauties. They can be hung over or around your pool for evening swimming or a backyard BBQ.

If you are hanging lights over your pool we recommend using a guideline for added security. A few zip ties work wonderfully to secure the lights to the guidewire, simply cinch and cut off any unsightly excess.

Tropical paradise – If you have a garden oasis in your backyard the best way to let it shine is with string lights. Wrap trees and landscape features in these G30 bulbs to get the look pictured below.

Umbrella lights – No need to spend a ton of money getting a trendy umbrella with built-in lights. Upgrade your umbrella with a set of string lights and turn your daytime shade into a night time hang out. Simply wrap your extension cord around the umbrella pole and loop the lights around the top struts. To get this look choose the smallG40 clear sets, or opt for LED fairy lights.

Above is the G40 clear set on green wire. To get the look below we suggest LED fairy lights.

Pergola party – Add some vintage lights to your pergola for a fantastic evening lounge area. For temporary use lights can be wrapped or looped around pergola beams, or attached with zip ties. For permanent installation there are a variety of options for savvy DIY folks, our top choice would be wire fasteners and a staple gun.

A word of caution, we do not recommend 3M command hooks or plastic tape-backed hooks for hanging string lights outdoors. Though they may hold for a short time there is a big risk of the tape losing adhesion outdoors.

Start the summer with string lights and you are guaranteed a bright future! We’d love to see your summer lighting set up. Connect with us on facebook or instagram!