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(Box of 25) LED G50 CLEAR C7 (E12) Base Light Bulbs


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Slightly larger and brighter than our G30 and G40 bulbs, our G50 7 Watt C7 (E12) base globe light bulbs are able to be paired with any of our C7 cord sets. Indoor and outdoor globe string lighting cords are sold separately.


  • Go green with our new energy efficient G50 LED warm white globe light bulbs.

  • Each box includes 25 CLEAR G50 LED energy saving light bulbs

  • Compared to our incandescent G40 or G50 bulbs, the LED bulbs use 12-18 times less energy!

  • LED globe light bulbs last 45,000 hours ? that?s 15 times longer than incandescent globe bulbs!

  • Our LED bulb gives off the same amount of brightness as our incandescent bulb with a nice warm glow.

  • Bulbs are made of glass that will never fade or discolor.

  • Unlike incandescent bulbs, our LED bulbs produce almost no heat and are shock resistant.

  • With these bulbs, you will save energy and not have to replace your string lights for a lifetime!

  • These LED bulbs fit into any of our C7 socket cords.

  • Bulb size is 2″ tall by 2″ wide not including the base which is 12 mm wide.

  • For indoor and outdoor use, water and weather resistant

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