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See Your Name In Globe Lights!

Globe Lights For Any Environment

If you want to see your name in lights, you can use our globe light bulbs on your next marquee project. TDC Instore is a point of purchase branding and design agency that used our globe lights for the holiday displays at Kenneth Cole. If you’re at the Grand Central Station or Soho location, you’ll see our globe bulbs lightening up the mannequins.”Look Good, For Good” marquee letters look good, for sure.

But this awesome application isn’t just for retail giants, you can DIY globe bulb marquee letters for your next wedding or party. Your Pinterest ready home décor will have all your friends asking where you bought that amazing marquee light! Feel free to brag about the fact that last snow day instead of eating the entire contents of your fridge, you made DIY marquee light up letters. You can use a variety of building materials (from cardboard to metal), but we liked this blog’s ampersand marquee light using chip board. Punctuation is so in right now. Any of our globe bulbs will work, just make sure you know the exact measurements of the socket base that you’d like the globe bulbs to screw into.

We also noticed many brides and grooms opting for the marquee light. These are great accessories to your wedding décor because they can be customized to fit the look of any theme, from a rustic wedding to a glamorous black tie event. 

You can choose from a huge variety that will compliment any look you’re going for. For something classic like the Kenneth Cole display, our G40 clear globe bulbs are the perfect option. For those of you who aren’t afraid of a little color like our friends at LuxKraft, our G40 or G50 assorted satin pearl bulbs will give you that wow factor.

You can have fun with these globe bulbs, that’s the point!