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Best Globe String Lights With Maximum Lighting

Simple, affordable tricks like using globe string lights or colored paper lanterns will make a huge impact on your guests. The romantic ambiance that you want for a wedding is created with the right type of lighting. For your wedding you want soft lighting that’s easy on the eyes. Globe string lights, Chinese lanterns, paper star lights, and mini string lanterns are all popular choices for weddings that will instantly transform any venue.

  • Soft Lighting – For a wedding you want to make sure that the lighting is not overpowering. It is much better to have wedding lighting that radiates throughout your venue. Nothing too bright. Our globe string lights create the perfect effect.
  • Colored Bulbs – Instantly create the perfect mood by using colored globe light bulbs that coincide with the theme of your wedding. You can choose from a wide variety of colored bulbs which can create a soft glow of color to create the ambiance that you desire.
  • Globe String Lights – Globe String lights are a perfect way to easily use colored bulbs for soft romantic lighting. Each colored bulb will be spaced at 12 inches apart and you can choose from a wide variety of colors, bulb sizes and wattage.
  • Paper Lanterns – If you want beautiful warm lighting that will instantly create a romantic atmosphere, our affordable paper lanterns are a great choice. Paper lanterns can be hung individually or strung for a beautiful look. Choose from many sizes, styles and colors for the perfect lighting for your indoor or outdoor wedding.

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