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Solar-Powered Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Sustainable and alternative sources of energy are on people’s minds these days; that’s for sure! Lighting technology has come a long way. We have been happy to be along for the ride. Our latest offerings have been outdoor lighting products with energy-efficiency in mind. LED technology has progressed alongside solar energy to the point that solar-powered outdoor lighting products are now affordable for all! In today’s blog update we are spotlighting the future of patio string lights: sunshine.

For years Hometown Evolution has carried Solar-Powered LED Fairy Lights but more recently we have expanded into patio string lights. Our 25 Foot G40 LED Solar-Powered String Light Sets (that are currently ON SALE!) represent the future of our industry. An afternoon’s sunshine will charge and store enough energy for the twenty cutting-edge, super-energy efficient G40 LED Filament light bulbs to shine beautifully until the sun is back to charge them again. The possibilities are endless with an outlet-free set of globe party lights.

G40 string light sets have been among our most popular products over the past twenty years. We never imaged that we would be able to offer a cordless and portable version of lighting for parties and patios alike. If you are taking your RV on the open road for the summer they will provide beautiful and functional light wherever you find yourself. If you run into one too many cloudy days they can also be charged very quickly via USB. They are just as useful for a homebody who dreams of strategically placed outdoor lighting without extension cords or hassle.

Outdoor lighting options like these are designed to make your life brighter and easier. One of the greatest advantages these sets of lights provide is convenience. Though the light bulbs themselves can always be replaced, they should last for several years. Longevity combined with free energy is a win-win! We love to see our clients and customers get creative with solar lighting sets like these. Even if you have no access to sunshine you can charge them up via USB and use them anywhere that does not have electricity! The sky is the limit.

Why not find a set of your own? All of our solar-powered lights are very affordable. Beautiful sets like our Solar Powered Peach Blossom String Lights or our Solar Powered Air Bubble String Lights are only $14.95 each! Fairy lights and string lights add so much character to gardens and porches. These sets are available in a wide variety of styles and we have them in warm white and multi-color options. They are the ideal lighting option for a gazebo that is far away from an electric outlet. Our personal favorites are our Dragonfly Solar String Lights!

Café lights that recharge themselves are a wonderful byproduct of the sustainability effort. We’re proud to offer a high-quality product that can be depended on without access to AC electricity. This is only the beginning of our attempts to produce new products of this nature. Our website is updated frequently with new products, so stay tuned for new unique solar lights and more!