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Creating Your Own Outdoor Lighting Spaces

Garden String Lights

There is nothing we enjoy more than spending summer evenings outdoors here in southeastern Pennsylvania. You don’t have to bring your party indoors when it gets dark if you have the best outdoor lighting products! Our Patio String Light Sets are available in a wide variety of styles and lengths. We are excited to share some lighting ideas and help provide some tips to help you install your party lighting. Whether your summer event or… Continue reading Creating Your Own Outdoor Lighting Spaces

Holiday Cheer!

String lights have quickly become a versatile chameleon in the decorating game! Their ability to be wrapped, hung, draped, stuffed, and twisted to make your decorating dreams come true really has solidified their tried and true value! The holiday season gives everyone extra ideas and our string lights can help fuel your wildest DIY dreams! Here are a few ideas for you! Fairy Lights  A soft glow gives lanterns, glass vases and Mason jars an… Continue reading Holiday Cheer!