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Ten Ways to Create the Boho Chic Decor of your Dreams

This design trend is often credited to the Hippy movement and its fashion. The abbreviation “BoHo” (short for Bohemian homeless) has been thrown around quite frequently over the past decade to describe the earthy, pattern-heavy style of dress and design inspired heavily by the bohemian and pre-Raphaelite styles of dress. We’ve compiled this list of suggestions to help you adorn your bedroom or living space in this style.

  • Textiles, Crochets, Tapestries- Handmade products will make your space appear more distinguished and unique. Support talented artisans and support your own style simultaneously!Boho rug pillows and string lights
  • Paper Lanterns- Exotic, affordable and colorful; Paper Lanterns are a great source of soft lighting and we have them available in any color you’d like! If you’d like to put them outside we have them in Nylon as well! Our Paper Star Lanterns are made in India and are available in a variety of styles and colors.
  • Leafy, Organic Decor- Plants, plants and more plants!plants with fairy lights
  • Accent lighting is the key to an inviting atmosphere. Our LED Fairy Lights are an inexpensive way to add color to your environment
  • Edison Light Bulbs- Antique-style filament light bulbs give off a warm and comforting quality of light. We have several varieties of these light bulbs available.
  • Ornate rugs, pillows and curtains- Navajo rugs, Moroccan pillows and lacy or woven curtains make for intriguing embellishments. No one will be able to put their finger on exactly what your style is inspired by!
  • Eclectic Color Scheme and Furnishing- Natural colors and furniture are a must! Make your space slightly unpredictable with the occasional pastel color mixed in adding to the diversity. Victorian style furniture is a must!
  • Deck Your Walls- Prints, paintings, framed photographs and tapestries are all great choices for your empty walls. Why not choose them all? Staying authentic to your new eclectic interior design, cover your walls with a variety of artwork and photographs that show off the real you.

boho bedroom

  • Soft, warm and moody lighting- String Lights are always a good way to go, indoors or outdoors. A Dimmer is key for tuning in just the right amount of light and visibility to make your room all the more mysterious and beautiful.
  • Hand-made over mass-produced- Any hand-made decorations will do. Our Glass Stars and Tin Star Lights are a great choice for eclectic decor. They are hand-made in Mexico by amazingly skilled artisans. Our 15” Multi Colored Glass Star would be a great choice for the boho home of your dreams.

The bohemian look in fashion and in interior design never goes out of style. If you apply even a few of these design tips to your living space we can guarantee you will one step closer to the shabby-chic dwelling you’ve had in mind. We’re full of suggestions, so feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions. Remember; not everything has to match or be color-coordinated. An eclectic home is good for an eclectic soul!