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Wonderful Wedding Lanterns

Wedding Lights For Any Space

Transforming your venue into a fairy tale wedding can be as simple as choosing the right lighting. For a lighter than air feel when walking down the aisle paper lanterns are a great choice. 

Paper lanterns can break up the imposing vertical lines of large venues and bring a softer feel to the space. White paper lanterns are a classic choice and look great with any decor. 

For a more colorful approach paper lanterns are a great way to tie together your whole decor. With paper lanterns available in a cornucopia of colors you can really match the hue that will complement the flowers, or the bridesmaid’s dress! One option is to keep it simple with a mix of light colors and one accent color.

Alternatively, you can go bold and bright while retaining an elegant feel. Here is a bright yet coordinated approach, where lanterns are actually defining the space for this outdoor aisle.

When it comes to using wedding lanterns, spacing is everything. A mix of lanterns in different colors and sizes creates visual interest. In large halls they can be used to create a more intimate environment. In bunches lanterns can create a bright boho style, while mixing sizes with even spacing gives a random yet unified look.

One of the great benefits of paper lanterns is that they won’t break the bank when planning your budget. Check out all the colors and sizes available to transform your special day!